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Individuals who are interested in becoming a licensed professional massage therapist may find it confusing where to get the proper training and education within the country with the many massage regulation, Australia imposed by the governing body for professional massage therapist, and with only a minimal or an absence of a clear basis on its requirements. It is therefore imperative for one to get his education from a recognized professional in order to become a highly qualified licensed massage therapist to be able to practice his chosen profession correctly and safely.

Many people who get these educational courses are unaware that they need to be trained by a licensed professional, therefore officially recognized by the state to impart the necessary and correct knowledge about massage therapy subjects. The absence of the federal government’s regulation and the states lack of guidance of a clear cut model for its basic requirements have created a great deal of confusion for the masses who want to engage in the profession.

A few simple questions that one needs to ask are: Whether or not they are getting trained by a licensed massage therapy instructor?, where he or she obtained their license?, is their license is valid in the state they are teaching in?, where and when they finished their training?, what their training was for?, are they qualified and trained on any specialized fields of massage therapy and if they have the certificates to prove it?, and are they certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork?

Not all states require an individual to be licensed to practice massage therapy, but this doesn’t mean one should just get his training from an unlicensed trainer or institution. In fact, only 37 states and the District of Columbia require this. While massage therapist are not legally bound to obtain a license, this may not be a good idea as most unlicensed therapist did not undergo a thorough and complete training program as much as the duly licensed ones, and are not recognized by the NCBTMB and whose expertise and abilities may be in question. Getting certified by the NCBTMB and a membership with the American Massage Therapy Association can be used as a proxy for a state license for which standards are applied by majority of the states.

To get a better idea and background on what the best and legal training programs are available, as also to check for the validity of a massage therapy provider, do an online research with the AMTA and the database of your respective state. Taking a little time and effort may be the difference between getting the ideal training program or one that is not worth it.